Multistack Sliding Doors

Another fabulous door choice in our super-class door range. Multistack sliding doors provide maximum natural light to your commercial or residential property. We have designed this door range in such a way to suit for even ultra-modern houses and commercial properties. You can enjoy all the top benefits of aluminium-glass-combined doors and additional benefits with our multi-stack sliding doors, and we guarantee it with 100% confidence. This design lets you create a spacious and a relaxed environment in your home; hence you can live a peaceful and easygoing life forever. 3, 4, 6, or 8 panels — we can design a customized door to fulfill your all needs.

Top benefits of multi stack sliding doors

The closing and opening mechanism are pretty understandable. The door looks fabulous and cleaning it is a piece of cake. The excellent finish makes this door type suitable for all locations. G&B is known for creating world-class products, and we have modified the traditional multi-stack sliding doors to match with the latest architectural trends. And, we happily say that this one of the high-grade products we sell at G&B. The sliding and stacking method confine the door to a smaller set when kept in the opened position. So, this door type can act as perfect security doors for larger openings. Which means commercial property owners will benefit from investing money in this complete product; contact us today for more information on how we can modify your commercial property into something different with our industry-leading doors and windows range.

Of course, homeowners too will benefit from installing this magnificent product in their homes. Enhanced security, stylish looks, smooth opening/closing, and maximum natural light are the top benefits that homeowners can enjoy with this door range. Worried about door enlargement and installation? G&B is a full-service security doors supplier that does more than supplying doors. Our affordable door/window enlargement and installation service cover all the hectic tasks involved with the process. Our team that comprises skilled and licensed technicians always do a perfect job for all customers.

Fly screen doors

We can include a flyscreen or an Invisi-Gard door in the package upon your request. The stainless steel mesh is reliable and retracts with the door. The retractable screen is another option for enhanced privacy. All our flyscreens and retractable screens enhance the stylish look of our doors and windows. A quick tip: commercial property owners don’t usually request for these screens, but the majority of homeowners do.

Standard sizes for residential applications

Multi-stack sliding doors for residential applications come in a range of sizes. 3-panel sliding doors are perfect for narrower openings. All the panels stack back to one side; hence maximum unobstructed openings. You can move a big-sized sofa easily through the door. 2100mm high x 2136mm wide is the standard size. 2100mm high x 3578mm wide is the largest panel size available in our range.

The 6-panel door is suitable for extended openings. 2100mm high x 4260mm is the standard panel size in this option, and 2100mm high x 6060mm wide is the maximum available size option. Still, we can change everything, and design customized security doors for you. Don’t worry about the standard size and maximum available size so!

A message for Australian architects

At G&B, we have designed this contemporary door style after considering Australian climate and the latest architectural trends. So, we happily invite you to use this modern product for all your commercial and residential construction projects. We can combine a sashless window on few panels for natural ventilation. Energy-efficient single or double-glazed glass panels offer maximum thermal resistance.

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