Louvre Windows

We excitingly present this air-to-flow-through window range that offers maximum ventilation from almost 100% of the window area. The aluminium louvre windows range we supply is a stylish, safe, and an energy-saving collection, including replacements and installation services at affordable rates. Still, it doesn’t let air to flow into your home in troubling amounts. Our aluminium louvre windows give you full control over how much wind allow through — it is free air-conditioning. Best performance, durability, and aesthetics are the top advantages of investing money in our industry-leading louvre windows Melbourne collection.

Where to install?

G&B’s products suit for all commercial and residential properties in Australia. This air-to-flow-through window type is suitable for multiple applications including sunrooms, stairwells, sidelights, entire walls, pool enclosures, highlights, verandah enclosures, and so on. Should you worry about air whistling through the glass? At G&B, we have given full concern to this bothering issue, and proudly we can say that none of our louvre windows Melbourne systems let wind whistling through the glass, all thanks to our exclusive sealing method. Hence, once you close the window; no air will flow even through tiny gaps. Louvre windows let you control humidity in your commercial or residential property. For example, bathrooms and laundry room need efficient ventilation to minimize mold growth on walls and other structural elements. Cross-ventilation is a long-term solution to this issue, and you can achieve it by our aluminium louvre windows collection.

Louvre Windows Features

We give maximum choices and features for our customers.

  • 100% sealing for water and air leak prevention (including air whistling.)
  • Polished-edge glass for maximum safety; suitable for homes where kids are there.
  • Thick and toughened safety glass for maximum strength and security.
  • Tailor-made styles and designs for each customer.
  • Options for a partial or full opening.
  • Handle can be fixed at various heights or locations.

Louvre windows Melbourne options

Depending on your customized requirements, we can provide what you exactly need for your commercial or residential property.

  • A variety of blades options: glass, timber, or aluminium. A quick tip: glass blades offer ventilation and natural light.
  • Manual or automatic opening options including electric opening systems.
  • Locks and screens for enhanced security.
  • Glass color options: grey and transparent.

Now, it is the right time to get rid of old-fashioned windows installed on your home and give your home a chic look by installing this first-class windows option. Our window installation and replacement service can make it happen for you. From brick cutting to engineering calculations, we do all for your convenience. We can combine a louvre window to a door and create a barrier that acts as a window and a door at the same time. The top part of the door would be a louvre window so. You can let natural light and air flow through the door while you keep the door closed for enhanced protection. Let us know if you prefer this combination option today! Don’t worry about the durability. The highest quality materials and up-to-date manufacturing process guarantee increased endurance. Our products will serve you for decades, and we guarantee it with 100% confidence.

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