Internal Doors

Internal doors are elements that completely change the way your home’s interior looks. These doors separate the segments in your home and add individual personalities to individual interior sections of your home. At G&B, we suggest two interior sliding door choices at affordable rates. Well, some homeowners don’t like when the door is visible when in the open position and they want the door to stay hidden. So, cavity sliding is the choice for such homeowners. Even though this cavity sliding method involves numerous structural amendments; don’t worry! We take care of all for you.

Internal wooden doors

For centuries, wooden internal doors have been used in Australian homes. So, at G&B; we supply a broad range of wooden doors too at affordable rates. White wooden doors is a favorite door choice for homes for centuries. A quick tip: white internal doors may not be the best option if you have kids. We provide a variety of internal wooden doors; hence you can choose the most-suited one for your home. Contact us for more information on this affordable door range.

Frameless internal doors Melbourne

Face-mounted to the wall and cavity sliding are the options to consider under this door category. As the name suggests, frameless doors are glass panels for maximum landscape and natural light flow. Nothing is there to block your view so. Anyway, we can include retractable screens and blinds in the package for enhanced privacy and protection from bugs and flies. Extra features include:

  • Quality hardware that will last for decades.
  • Grade-A toughened safety glass to AS1288.
  • The door will completely disappear into the cavity wall when opened (including the handle.)
  • Finger-tip closing mechanism for ease of use.
  • Spring-loaded retrieval mechanism that brings the door out of the wall cavity.
  • Edge-polished glass for enhanced safety.
  • Thick frosted glass for bathroom and privacy room applications.

Framed doors

As the name suggests, these doors come with an aluminum frame for extra rigidity and durability. Aluminium is a metal that shows corrosion-resistance, weather-resistance, and resistance to pest attacks. Also, the aluminium frame can add extra style to internal doors.

Double-glazed energy-saving glass

The glass we use for all our internal doors Melbourne range can save more money on energy bills for you. The double-glazed glass acts as a barrier to heat and cold flow through the door. Glass doors minimize the need of keeping lights on during daytime as maximum natural light can flow through. Of course, you can control the amount of natural light entering your home by installing a screen, blind, or tinted glass for enhanced solar protection.

Just let us know all your preferences when it comes to internal doors Melbourne range. We are known for designing customized doors for customers at affordable rates. Let’s talk!

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