French Doors

Well, first of all, we would like to give you some information on what is a French Door as many homeowners in Australia have heard it, but they don’t have a clue of it. This door type comes in pairs most of the time. A light construction when compared to other door types, and glass panes extending for most of the door’s length. We can call it a classic door type that comes with several unique features and benefits. Interior French doors are suitable for patio access. Ideal door type to enjoy Australian summer as you can easily keep the door open and bring the outdoors inside.

G&B’s French doors Melbourne collection

Same as for all other door types, we offer a wide range of products under this door category too. Below is a list for you to choose from our broad range:

  • Single doors.
  • Double doors.
  • Double or single doors with sidelight(s.)
  • Inward or outward opening options.
  • Can combine a sashless window for enhanced ventilation.
  • Narrow French doors.
  • Can couple an awning window for dual-purpose.

French door sizes

Depending on your application, you can choose the right-sized door from our available range in the store or online. Also, we can produce a customized door of any size and fulfill all your requirement. Hire our door enlargement service and get rid of your traditional wooden doors that block the view and hinder natural light and ventilation. We can combine external French doors with sashless or awning windows for you to deal with the outside environment/world a bit better. Choosing G&B as your door supplier means you don’t need to worry about installation, enlargement, brick cutting, and rubbish removal. A mini skip also included in the replacement and installation package. Stainless steel hinges guarantee decades of serving.

Additional design options

We can customize a French for you — just let us know your specific requirements. Double-glazed and insulated glass for maximum energy-efficiency. Obscured glasses for privacy. Door color options to match with the color of your commercial or residential property. A quick tip: French doors are more suitable for residential properties. Contact us today for more information on this versatile door range.

French doors Melbourne advantages:


* Easy access

This door type works as traditional types, allowing you easy opening and closing. Perfect for warmer-climate areas; you can bring outside warm into your home.


* Energy-efficient

Most of the door is glass; hence the whole structure allows maximum natural lights into your living room. Which means you can keep the lights off and save money on energy bills and enjoy natural light at the same time. The French door offers tight sealing, preventing air leaking and entering when in the closed position. Maximum thermal protection is the top advantage so.

  • This door type looks and feel great and adds so much architectural beauty to your home. Worried about a dull living room? Installing a French door could change all from negative to positive.


* A valuable investment

Our doors will serve you for decades, and we guarantee it.

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