Bifold Windows

Bifold Windows

One of the transcending products sold at G&B, bifold windows can convert your ordinary kitchen, living room, or any room into a natural air & light-filled heaven. As the name suggests, you can fold this unique window type when opening and closing. The folding mechanism makes aluminium bifold windows suitable for larger openings. Increased ventilation and maximum natural light flow are the top benefits you can enjoy by choosing this product over traditional window types. Well, the stylish/modern look that bifold windows can add to your commercial or residential property is magnificent.

Our installation service lets every property owner in Melbourne to get this modern window type installed on their properties. Superior corrosion resistance, stainless finish, light-weight, added durability, and affordable price are extra features and benefits to highlight here. Our wide range of aluminium bifold windows Melbourne collection gives you peace of mind about choosing the ideal type for your home, no matter how luxurious it is.

Benefits of this unique window type

1) Beautiful design and excellent functionality

Ideal for opening one room to another such as kitchen and dining rooms. The bi-fold mechanism confines the entire structure of the window frame and glasses to a less-space-needing set. Releasing the lock and pulling the window to the direction you want is all you have to do here.

2) Years of beauty

Aluminium is a metal that lasts for decades when compared to wooden window frames. No matter where you wish to install aluminium bifold windows, unique aspects and characteristics such as resistance to water, resistance to stains, luxurious look, and resistance to bugs/pests provide years of beauty to your commercial or residential property.

3) For interior and exterior use

For interior applications such as for the kitchen and exterior applications such as main windows to outside. Homeowners in Australia consider it as a top choice for the kitchen space.

4) Our excellent quality

G&B’s manufacturing process using the latest technology and the highest quality materials give you more for your money. Our additional services such as enlargement and replacement including rubbish removal service ensure 100% customer satisfaction and convenience. You can choose your preferred aluminium bifold windows from our vast selection, or we can tailor a customized set just for you.

A range of Options

We are no ordinary window manufacturers. Giving customers the maximum possible options to choose from is one of our top aim as an aluminium bifold windows Melbourne supplier.

  • Out-Swing or In-Swing Design.
  • Customized number of panels selection.
  • Sashless design for maximum ventilation.
  • Double-glazed for maximum rigidity and heat/cold transfer prevention.
  • Fixed Screens Available on In-Swing.
  • Flexible configuration options for larger openings.
  • A vast range of window style configurations.
  • More color options to choose.


Why choose G&B bi-fold windows?

Design from scratch, ultra-slim design, eco-friendly, manufactured in Australia, high-security, low maintenance, and paranormal views are the facts to highlight here. As an Australian company that gives priority to quality over quantity, we stick to the industry standards throughout the manufacturing, supplying, and installation process. You can expect a world-class service from G&B so.

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