Bifold Doors

One of the best choices we grant for modern homes and property improvement projects. Bifold doors can add so much personality to a residential property, also; it offers higher security levels too. The aluminium frame makes it ideal for exterior and interior applications. At G&B, we have come up with a beautiful bifold doors Melbourne collection, and the glazing options for energy-saving also added. The aluminium bifold doors making process comprises extra work when compared to other door types manufacturing. Hence, at G&B; we use the latest technology including computer operated equipment and Australian-made components for guaranteed quality and results. Which means any bifold door from our broad collection will serve you for decades without giving trouble like traditional wooden doors that deteriorate under day-to-day environmental conditions.

Why we are different?

G&B is known for combining the technology with the latest construction trends. For example, we combine aluminium bifold doors with sashless or louvre windows for extra ventilation. So, you can keep the door closed for security reasons and enjoy a refreshing wind from outside. In winter and summer, you can keep the door and sashlesslouvre window closed for maximum thermal protection. Louvre windows let you control the breeze according to your wish. Don’t worry! Our world-class louver windows provide 100% sealing for water and air leak prevention (including air whistling.)

Bifold doors Melbourne installation

This door type is suitable for broader spaces. Still, you can confine the whole door structure to a smaller set when opening. Hence, the door won’t be a hindrance in any way. We offer full-service installation and enlargement services at affordable rates for all residential property owners in Australia. Each door frame comes with locking options for added security. Homeowners who are tired of their narrower doors will benefit from hiring our full-service bifold doors Melbourne installation service. We cut bricks, amend necessary structural elements, install the door, and remove rubbish for you.

A quick tip: you can get a new or an entirely different look to your old-looking home by installing one of our classy door systems. So, you can incorporate it into your next home renovation project.

For indoor and exterior applications

The aluminium structure and glasses don’t get affected by day-to-day environmental conditions such as wind, rain, water, dust, and pest attacks. Which means you can install aluminium bifold doors on interior and exterior applications and enjoy extra benefits such as:

  • Double glazing glass for enhanced thermal properties. The double-glazed glass is known for preventing heat and cold flow through windows and doors. So, the doors and windows fitted in your home also act as insulation, saving you money on energy bills in the long run.
  • Tinted glass for solar protection and privacy. The tinted glass option doesn’t block your view, but outside people can’t see your home’s inside.
  • Sashless or louvre windows fitted can provide additional natural ventilation.
  • Retractable blinds, screens, and fly screens.
  • Suitable for kitchens, living rooms, and as main doors.
  • Sleek chrome flush bolts for enhanced structural strength.

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