Awning Windows

Awning Windows

Replacing WindowsG&B Aluminium presents a wide range of Awning Windows for commercial and residential properties in the Melbourne region. This easy-to-clean and easy-to-open/close window system comes with many benefits over traditional types. Awning Windows operates using a cranking system; hence referred to as crank windows as well. You can open this window class to outside fully; so you can enjoy maximum natural light and ventilation, letting you save money on energy bills by minimizing the use of lights and fans. Also, awning windows provide excellent soundproofing and thermal properties that are essential qualities for homeowners living in industrial zones and colder-climate regions in Australia. The double seal used for window sash fitting is the reason behind extra soundproofing and thermal properties. In summary, commercial and residential property owners will benefit from choosing high-quality awning windows Melbourne range.

Replacing Windows

Old and damaged windows and frames are top causes of heat/cold loss and gain. Heat/cold gain and loss through windows lowers the overall efficiency of your home’s insulation too. Why don’t you contact G&B Aluminium for replacing windows and make your commercial or residential property an energy-efficient one? You can save money in the long run with this affordable option. Below is a list of benefits you can enjoy through our replacing windows service and awning windows:

1) Excellent Ventilation

The structure of an aluminium awning window is hard and rigid; hence larger window sizes are possible. A larger window means you can let natural air to enter your home in high amounts. Anyway, during winter, you can keep the window closed for maximum thermal protection.

2) Greater Views

As mentioned, you can open aluminium awning windows to outside fully, letting you enjoy unobstructed views. No rails, no bars; just the stiff structure and the glass. Still, the window provides high-security and spectacular, unobstructed views.

3) Energy Efficient

This window type lets you save money on energy in two ways. The double seal used offers a tight sealing, leaving no gaps for cold or hot air enter your property. The thick insulated glass also provides resistance to heat and cold flow. 15% of heat in your home can leak through doors and windows, and our aluminium awning windows can keep that 15% in your home.

4) Easy-to-open/close

The gliding mechanism lets you open/close these window type with minimum force. So, even the elderly citizens can move it effortlessly.

aluminium awning windows5) Enhanced Architectural Beauty

Awning windows are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms where natural light and ventilation are required. These aren’t traditional window types; stylish finish and available colors can enhance the architectural beauty of your old commercial or residential property with minimum costs.

6) Easy-to-clean

You don’t need to hire a window cleaner to get these cleaned. The 90-degree open angle aid easy exterior cleaning for all.

In summary, energy-efficiency, lockable security, double-glazed panels, and stylish looks are the top benefits of G&B’s classy aluminium awning windows. Our installation and enlargement service let you get this versatile window type installed on your property, and we provide the service at affordable rates.

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